Meet Our Growers


Looking for ways to maximize your investment on your operation? Listen to what some of our reputable customers have to say about their experiences working with the Innovation Center.

“Big or small, the Innovation Center cares about their customers and the growers that they’re working with. You’re their top priority and keeping you up and running is their number one goal.”

– Alex Boekelheide

“The Innovation Center keeps me running strong by checking my equipment so there’s no downtime when I’m trying to plant and harvest.”

– Jeff Hanson

“I don’t know of too many places that go out of their way so much to help us. Before I go out combining, Joe usually comes and makes sure that everything is working well. Joe and the team keep me running strong all year long.”

– Gordie Hofer

“The Innovation Center will figure out any problem you have – and fast. If you need anything, the team at the Innovation Center can get it done.”

– Jerrad Hoffman

“The Innovation Center’s crew is willing to come out and help whether it’s 7 o’clock in the morning or 11 o’clock at night. They help us with fertilizer, seed, equipment, variable rate…they’re a huge part in the success of our operation.”

– Drew Lakner