Jeff Hanson, JT Hanson Farm

Jeff Hanson’s farm is a three-generation operation that Jeff was fortunate enough to purchase from his uncle in order to keep it in the family. Recently celebrating his twentieth year working in the operation, Jeff likes to stay on top of technology trends and keep current with precision ag techniques that help his operation be as profitable as possible. He works with our team of agricultural experts at the Innovation Center to help him meet his goals.

Jeff explains, “With the Innovation Center, they’ve helped me to realize there are ways that I can farm better, farm more precise, do a better job as I’m planting the crop and also as I’m harvesting the crop…it is a very good opportunity for me to learn about new technology coming out to help me be a better farmer and to capitalize on every bushel, every acre, and every seed that we farm.”


Our team, including Dustin, Garrett, Lance, and Richard, works with Jeff’s operation on after-market upgrades that help him push the yield limit on every acre that he farms.

One technology we shared with Jeff that we thought would work well on his operation are 360 Yield Saver chains. These chains work to reduce header loss by over 80% by eliminating gaps in the deck plates and gathering chains by adding intermeshing bristles to traditional gathering chains.


Jeff was open to the opportunity of adding 360 Yield Saver chains onto his combine for the 2016 harvest and Dustin put in the order right away. When the equipment came in, Dustin called Jeff and told him he’d stop by Jeff’s farm that night to discuss when the chains could be installed. But Dustin actually went one step further – he brought the chains with him and installed them right on the spot.

We asked Jeff about the experience and he told us, “For him to show up at the end of my work day and be willing to be here until almost midnight helping to put the 360 Yield Savers on was a big eye opener to me as far as their dedication and the service that they’re willing to give me and our operation.”


The timing couldn’t have been better.

Jeff had just let his grain cart and semi operators head out for the night, so it didn’t cause any downtime during the busy harvest season for Jeff to have the chains installed. Even better, Jeff was able to start combining the next morning with the chains in place and ready to go, which improved Jeff’s yields on every acre where they were used.


Jeff summarizes his many experiences with Dustin and the team at the Innovation Center, “There’s not a lot of other companies out there that are willing to give the time and the service like they are willing to, to keep you up and running and to keep giving you ideas to help better your opportunity every year.”

  • “The Innovation Center team is there to work the extra hour and go the extra mile for you. The Innovation Center is where I go to keep my operation running strong.”

    – Jeff Hanson