Dustin Christofferson, Precision Ag Specialist

Dustin Christofferson is an expert at determining what a grower needs on their operation to achieve better results. He spends time listening to growers’ unique concerns and desires, and in their fields, he gets a first-hand look at where adjustments can be made to help a grower be more profitable.

How does Dustin determine the best fit for each grower? He explains, “It really comes down to listening. We’re listening to each grower’s biggest struggles. Their complaints, their downfalls, any negative effects they may have experienced last season or seasons before. Precision ag is about finding a grower’s biggest struggle and identifying the equipment and technology that’s going to help him overcome it.”


For Dustin, it also comes down to building relationships with the growers. “It really involves getting out with them in their fields, taking a look at the crops and the equipment that they’re using, and then walking them through a specific plan that could provide better outcomes for their operation.”

Last harvest, Dustin identified a technology that would be beneficial for his customer Jeff Hanson: 360 Yield Savers. Dustin explains how the technology works: “A normal gathering chain will allow corn kernels to slip under the combine head and onto the ground before they’re captured. The 360 Yield Saver technology uses a brush system that helps cushion the ears when they come into the head as well as capture individual kernels, making sure that we capture all the yield potential. 1-2 kernels per square foot could equal more than a bushel across a field, so the savings add up very quickly.”


Jeff has seen impressive results since the installation. Dustin says, “At the end of harvest, it’s important for growers to take advantage of all those bushels they’ve grown – and we want to get every last kernel. The 360 Yield Savers allowed Jeff to see his hard work really come to fruition. While riding in the combine after the installation, we realized we were able to get everything we were looking for and then some.”

Another advantage provided by the Innovation Center team is their knowledge of the latest agricultural technologies. The entire team of Precision Ag experts stay on the cutting edge to provide better suggestions and answers to growers.


Dustin explains, “We’re blessed to work in a region where our growers are very adaptive to new technology. My phone will ring shortly after any big announcement asking my opinion on whether a certain technology is viable for their operation. When we look at an instance where a grower may be hesitant to adopt a new piece of technology, we’re willing to go out and spend that extra time with them to prove that this is, in fact, going to affect their bottom line and make them a much better farmer.”

Are you interested in learning about latest technologies that may impact your bottom line? The team at the Innovation Center is ready to listen to you and help identify your biggest areas of opportunity.

  • “Precision ag is about finding a grower’s biggest struggle and identifying the equipment and technology that’s going to help him be successful.”


    “I help my growers keep in control of their operation by maintaining the maximum efficiency of the farm and giving them profitable and economical solutions to keep their bottom line as best as possible.”

    – Dustin Christofferson