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“Expert service…unparalleled expertise…willing to do whatever it takes…a true partner in our success…”

Take a look at the videos below to hear what our customers have to say about working with the Innovation Center and how we’ve been able to help improve their farm equipment. We’re proud of the longstanding relationships we have with our growers, and we’re thankful that they generously shared their success stories with us.

We’re equally proud of our individual team members and the unique experiences they offer to strengthen our team. As Lance says:

“The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of our team: second to none. There isn’t any other precision ag team out there that has the diversity we have, the backgrounds and experiences that we’ve dealt with.”

Listen to what our growers and experts have to say about the Innovation Center:

Our Growers

Alex Boekelheide

Jeff Hanson

Gordie Hofer

Jerrad Hoffman

Drew Lakner

Our Experts

Video Trailers

Trailer 1 – The Innovation Center

Trailer 2 – The Experts

  • “The experts at the Innovation Center keep us up to date and keep us running. I would recommend them to other people just for the simple fact that when you have something wrong with any make, shape, or color, they can get it going.”


    – Jerrad Hoffman

  • “There isn’t another team around that I know of that has the diversity we have, the backgrounds and experiences that we’ve dealt with. There isn’t any group of precision ag techs that’ll hold a candle to my team.”


    – Lance Larsen

  • ”Precision ag is about finding a grower’s biggest struggle and identifying the equipment and technology that’s going to help him overcome that challenge.”


    – Dustin Christofferson